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    Unanswered: exporting fp5 with repeating fields to relational tables

    I posted this on the filemaker newsgroup without luck. Thought I'd try here. I'm still as puzzled.


    Wondering if anyone out there has had luck moving an Fp5 file with repeating
    fields to a set of relational tables. I thought I was on to something based
    on a reply to this newsgroup in a previous thread about cloning my fp5 file,
    and then importing the records by specifying that repeating fields be split
    into seperate records.

    While that process seems to work fine, the tools that I use to then move it
    to a relational system crashes in a big way. I'm on a wintel platform, and
    have tried using DTS to move to MS SQL server, and then MS Access. Access
    claims that there are too many indexes (and yes, I deleted all indexes in my
    clones fp5, while the MS SQL tool crashes outright.)

    Anyone??? Thanks.

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    You should create a script that list all data in a repeating field and create a row for each in a second fmp db
    After you can use a dts to do that

    If you want more information about this
    contact me
    Olivier Miossec

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