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    Hi all.

    Well, I just designed a system, using java and postgresql 7.3.3.

    The system was designed to be used in a local network, but now I need to access the database from any computer connected to Internet. I don't want to create another system with jps or something like that.

    The database is gonna be in a server with a public ip-address, so, I want to know if the connection should works as the local connection works, I mean , with a jdbc driver. For example, at this time I'm using this :
    "jdbcostgresql://"+ ip_address + "/" + database_name ;

    where ip_adress is the local address of the computer I'm trying to connect to, and database_name is the data base.

    I want to know if I put the public address of the server in the ip_address field will works.

    Can anybody help me with this ?

    Thanks !
    Pablo Velasquez Rivas
    Computer Science Engineer - ITCR

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    well, you first have to edit your pg_hba.conf file taht's in your data directory to allow the others computer to connect to you server. After having doing that and restart your server, it should work.

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