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    Unanswered: FoxPro to MySQL conversion

    I have several data tables that I have to export from Visual FoxPro to MySQL. I'm using MS SQL to import the tables from FoxPro, then export to MySQL. I've not encountered any problems, except for one FoxPro table that has columns with datatype "memo" and so the table has several files: .dbf, .cdx, and .fpt.

    The export creates the table but none of the data are being transferred. When I view the table in MS SQL, everything looks OK. I've changed datatypes in the table in the MS SQL Export wizard, but I'm still getting the same error message:

    "Error at destination for Row number 1. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1. Query-based insertion or updating of BLOB values is not supported."

    Any ideas or alternatives I can try?

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    U can try the SQL migration utility tool 'SQLWays' from .

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