I'm sure this is a really easy question, but I'm having a hell of a time finding an answer.

I've got a Data Access Page designed for Data Entry (built with access 2000)
In the page is a vbscript function that grabs the user's current login name - It works, as it is pretty much knowledge base article 251326 ver batim.
Inserting <%=GetLogonUser()%> returns the correct value if I put it in the page.

The problem is, if I put the <%=GetLogonUser()%> inbetween the <TextArea> tags to set the value, it never shows up... or rather it does, but for like half a second and then it's gone.

I imagine it has something to do with the page querying the database for default values (like the date) after I've set the value and just wiping it out since the table is empty...

So the question is then, how do I get it to stay there, or alternatively how do I set the value of my field after the page has fully loaded?