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    Unanswered: transactional log

    Hello folks,

    I have SQL Server and it has a database where we insert record like 1,000,000 per hour.

    Last days I had problems as transactional log gets full very fast and of course, no inserts by this time.
    I run truncation/backup of transactional log once at night.

    what I can do to avoid the transactional log to get full with such speed?


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    uhh..dump the logs every 10 minutes?

    What kinda volume is 1 mil an hour?

    Do they have to be inserts?

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    if it's an insert, then try to use ranges of records if possible, in addition to firing checkpoint after each range (for that the security context has to belong to db_owner role). range can be based on id, date, or any other identifier that can segregate rows so that you don't re-insert the same row twice.

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    transactional log

    It can not be by ranges. There is an application which is used by users and they can insert whenever they want.

    It can be only insert as after few seconds or maximum 4 minutes the records are deleted.

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    Do you require point in time recovery? If not, use simple recov mode.

    Also, with that number of inserts and deletes, make sure you have a clustered index on your tables, preferably on identity columns, heaps reclaim empty space which will hurt you with that number of trans.

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