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Thread: sesion timeout

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    Unanswered: sesion timeout

    Is there a way to set an inactive connection to expire after a while ?

    If user x have no activity for 5 min the connection to the Postgres will be terminated.

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    Thers is no setting on server side for time-out connections sitting idle.
    You have to adjust the Apache config directives to allow the httpd
    processes to die and consequently kill the PostgreSQL processes.
    or kill them manually

    $ps aux | grep psql | grep idle

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    OK, thank you!

    I know that Oracle have something like this...

    I actually have a Connectin Pool with a number of initial conections and a maximum number of connections and i want
    to free the idle connection (the ones that exceed initial number of connections)

    I think that i must put a timestamp on each connection use.

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