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    Unanswered: GET command..not working.

    hi all,

    I've a query to display date as follo.

    select to_char(sysdate) from dual;

    i've stored this as 'd.SQL'.

    so when i tried to run this query by bringing into editor like

    GET d

    it gives me the following err.

    SP2-0310: unable to open file "d.sql".

    can anybody tell me y this pblm?


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    Re: GET command..not working.

    Have you checked the permissions you have on the directory that you are saving to?

    I tried it and it just worked.
    Are you doing it like this?

    SQL> select to_char(sysdate) from dual
    SQL> save d create
    Created file d
    SQL> get d
    1* select to_char(sysdate) from dual


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    thanx Tim.

    the way u've showed is working for me too.
    but actually while doing like this where is the file 'd.sql' has been stored??

    I was not doing the same way as urs.
    I saved to the separate directory.


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