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Thread: Help required

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    Help required

    Hi dear.
    I am trying to open acrobat reader 5.0 through oracle forms 9i from the
    server by HOST COMMAND.It works fine locally but when I deploy the
    forms on application server that is middle tire then it doesn't work and
    even it doesn't give any error
    I used the following code.

    ( Host('"\\Scthoap01\ADOBE\Acrobat 5.0\Acrobat\acrobat.exe"'|| acrobat_file||'.PDF

    Please note that Scthoap01 is the name of server where the acrobat reader 5.0 is installed.
    I shall be very thankful to u for this kindness.
    Your prompt response will be appreciated.
    Pls reply me on this address.


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    Red face

    Im assuming you have Acrobat Reader installed on the machine you are working on, so are you able to run Acrobat using that path from machines without it installed locally?
    I didn't think that was possible as I know we now have Acrobat Reader installed locally on all our PCs at work.
    There's a whole load of Dlls and stuff it kicks into when it starts, so I'm not sure if you can do it the way you want.
    I'm sure someone might be able to tell us otherwise, as it'd be handy for me to get it working that way if it's possible!

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