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    Unanswered: How can I rename a column in Dbase


    I actually need to import data from dbase III files to oracle. I'm using dbf2ora but one table cannot be imported because it have a column name 'comment'.... and its a reserved keyword in oracle.... how can I rename this colum in batch mode (with a little exe for example ????)

    Please help....

    Thx in advance

    Jol Da Costa
    debitel FRANCE

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    The FASTEST way I know of is to:
    Import the dBase DBF table into Excel, copy the "comment" column to another column that has an acceptable name, and delete the "comment" column. Export the excel file. However, you can lose rows if your data exceeds Excel's limits.

    The SAFER way would be to:
    (1) create an empty oracle table using PL/SQL or another application,
    (2) convert the dBase DBF into a CSV (comma separated variable) file,
    (3) load the csv data into oracle table using SQLLoader.

    Bonne chance

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    Modify thestructure of dbf file. Insert another fields with same type & size of "comment". Replace all data of comment field in the newly created field. Again modify the structure and remove comment field.

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    Hi jdacosta,

    Assuming you have the ability to run dBaseIII Plus, you simply load the file; enter MODI STRU;
    and then change the name of the field. The programme will then prompt you through the rest of the process (only 2 steps) and you're done.

    If you do not have dBase III Plus, then you can directly import each table into an Access database (Access XP can give some problems but versions 98 and earlier are OK.) where you can change the field name easily.

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