I am migrating from MSSql to Sybase ASE and have the following

// SQL extract using output parameters
create procedure p_TestBit( @tOut tinyint output, @bOut bit output )
select @tOut = 1
select @bOut = 1

// code extract
SDWORD dwTin = sizeof( BYTE), dwTFV = sizeof(bool);
BYTE tFlag = 0;
bool bFlag = false;
SQLBindParameter ( Hstmt, ++nP, SQL_PARAM_OUTPUT,
SQL_C_TINYINT, SQL_TINYINT, 0, 0, &tFlag, 0, &dwTin );

SQLBindParameter ( Hstmt, ++nP, SQL_PARAM_OUTPUT, SQL_C_BIT,
SQL_BIT, 0, 0, &bFlag, 0, &dwTFV );
SQLExecDirect( ... ); throws an exception in SYODASE.DLL) access violation, caused by the use of the BIT - TINYINT is ok
and are both ok in MSSql

Is the use of BIT MSSql specific of is there a way to get it working with Sybase (using ODBC)
My corrent workaround is to replace bit to tinyint in both database and applcation but maybe there is a way to use this SQL_BIT type in Sybase type using ODBC.

Any help appreciated