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    Unanswered: Automating Excel Macros


    I want to run an Excel Macro daily. Is there any way to schedule this ?


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    Re: Automating Excel Macros

    There is by using a timer in a userform and then calling the maco, but probably the easiest way to run the macro is by calling it when activiting the workbook. When do you want to run? When opening the workbook or before closing?

    Originally posted by ontheDB

    I want to run an Excel Macro daily. Is there any way to schedule this ?

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    I've done a similar thing to this. The only real way of automating it is to have the workbook open all day, every day when the macro needs to be run. Otherwise, you need to open the workbook to do it, in which case you may as well just remember to run the macro every day.

    The alternatives i came up with are:

    Set up a schedule event in Windows Explorer to open the workbook at a certain time every day.


    Every time the workbook is opened, check to see what time and date it is and whether the macro has been run or missed. You can do this by changing a value of a certain cell to TRUE or FALSE after it has been run. Use the Time() and Date() function or the NOW() function.

    If the workbook will be open, you can use
    Application.OnTime TimeValue("17:00:00"), "MyMacro"

    This will run the MyMacro at 5.00. For this, however, the workbook needs to remain open. (You can also use
    Application.OnTime Now+TimeValue("00:00:30"), "MyMacro"
    which will run the macro in thirty seconds)

    Good luck
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