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    Unanswered: Problem with Alter table disable trigger all


    I am replicating few production databases and I am running into a problem with "Alter table tblname disable trigger all". I get the following error: Cannot alter the table 'tblname' because it is being published for replication. I am aware that when you want to add or drop a column, you need to use some system stored procedures to do so. But how can I disable the triggers before running some queries/statement on a table that is being published to a subscriber?

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    It seems you have to use sp_dropsubscription and then sp_droparticle to discontinue replication of the table, do you alter, then use sp_addarticle and sp_addsubscription to add continue replication. If there is an easier way, I'd be interested to know as well.

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    UPDATE sysobjects SET replinfo=0 WHERE xtype='U' AND name='YOUR TABLE'
    It would disable the table in the publication.
    When u r done with ur work, Add the table back into Publication through Enterprise-Manager.
    However sometimes it goes messed-up and SQL doesn't allow to add the table back into publication. In that case u may need to reinialize the subscriptions followed by the SNAPSHOT.


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