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    Unanswered: displaying info attached to unique field

    i have a db with a little over 600,000 records. some of the data is like addresses names etc...

    i ran a query to pick out each unique address and that worked. what i can't do is get each unique address to display with the info that goes with it(names, city, state...)

    the reason i think this isn't working is because for each unique address, there can be several records with corresponding data.
    ie. one to five names that go with each address...
    i only need one name to go with each address and it doesn't matter too much which name it is...just the first one would be fine if i could figure out how to do that...

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    Hi there,

    Try the following:

    SELECT DISTINCT [Field1], [Field2], [Field3]
    FROM YourTable;

    I usually write a SQL statement in the Query Module and run it from there to be sure the results are what I want.

    Good luck,


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    thanks amadea,

    i didn't know how to do that in SQL, so that was beneficial but i'm still having the same problem. there are a certain number of distinct street address, the distinct street adresses is what i need but the when i add last name, first name, city, et...
    there are lots of record in each of those fields that are distinct in their field so i'm getting back duplicate addresses...

    i'm guessin this is pretty easy if you know SQL but uh...yeah...i'm obviously pretty clueless here...

    so is there a way to get the distinct records from one field while displaying a only one (any one)corresponding record from another field..?

    and thank you sooo much for your help

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    Add grouping to your query and on the first and last name set that to first
    see the example I attached

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails example.bmp  

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