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    Unanswered: Dealing with MDB files without access?

    Hi All,
    We have Microsoft Access 2002 At work. I am working on a small database application for work. However, I would liek to be able to work on this at home. Since I do not own a copy of Mcrosoft Access (or Microsoft Office), Is there any way for me to use the Access file and edit it without Microsoft Access.
    For example, I would like to edit the VBA code, and debug/run it, as well as update tables and look at them.

    I know this question seems obvious, but I do not own a copy of Microsoft Access and I can't afford to buy it just yet.

    Any suggestions?

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    No. In order to edit or otherwise manipulate/generate VBA code you have to have Access installed.

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    Re: Dealing with MDB files without access?

    If you can get you hands on version of Visual Basic or Visual Studio then you can take a peek at the data (and even add or change data) in the tables but as for the VBA code...forget it.

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    As long as your company has a legal copy of Access or any program I believe,
    you should be able to take a copy home to use.

    That's the way it's been done everywhere I've worked and they have
    told me it's legal.

    Especially if you're doing WORK at home, your company should at least
    provide you with what you need to do your job.
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    Regarding legal use of the software at home, if your company has a multiuser license (ie 5 or more licences) then you are allowed to install the software at home.

    The tricky bit will probably be persuading your IT dept to hand over the CD!
    Access XP & WinXP Pro

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    Well "work" really is my university. They have multiple licenses for Office.

    I am not REQUIRED to work at home. However, as some of you may already know, It is much easier to work from the comfort of your own home. So to me it would be NICE to work on the database at home.

    I did NOT want to break the law here, so that's y I asked if it can be done without access.

    Thanx for the feedback everyone

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