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    Exclamation Unanswered: Ms Access ADP Query - SOS

    Hi there,

    Would appreciate if you would be kind enough to help me.

    Here is my scenario, hope that you don't mind seeing it.

    How do I be able to convert this using stored parameter, if possible?
    Should I use Ms Access pass through query,if yes, how do I go about?
    Otherwise, is there other alternative? Please advice...

    On my MS Access form called: frmJobCostReport, I have a drop down selection where I select the JobNumber. In the form's combo box property (frmJobCostReport), I have the followings setting:

    ComboBox: JobNumber
    [All] Name: JobNumber
    Row Source Type: Table/View/StoredProc
    Row Source: SELECT [Job_2].[Job_No] FROM [Job_2];

    In Ms Access adp (access project), at stored precedure query (created using: New-> Design Stored Procedure), I've added 2 tables: Job_2 (Job_No field) linked to table: billing (Job_No field).

    That's why I have this:
    SELECT dbo.billing.Job_No
    FROM dbo.billing INNER JOIN
    dbo.Job_2 ON dbo.billing.Job_No = dbo.Job_2.Job_No
    WHERE (dbo.billing.Job_No = N'" & Forms![frmJobCostReport]![JobNumber] & "')

    How it should work:
    It should allow me to have a selection in the form (frmJobCostReport) and choose any JobNumber then run this query to display the result. If the selection has not been made, the query
    will not display anything.

    Hope my explanation this time is clearer and you would able to help me.
    Please refers to the attachment file for a better picture.

    Thanks again.

    - Desperate programmer
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