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    Unanswered: Connection is busy with results for another hstmt

    I am working on Sql Server 2000 and Delphi 5. When I try to open a table :;

    I get the following error message :

    Connection is busy with results for another hstmt.

    I am new to Sql Server so please keep the explanation simple !!!

    I have already read this got something to do with forward-only, read-only cursor. But I don't know what a forward-only, read-only cursor mean. Please explain !!


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    A cursor collects a record set from a database. The cursor has a pointer that can move around in the record set to read a particular row etc. A forward only cursor can only read down ( i.e. forward ) through the record set, so if you are trying to go backwards through the record set it may not let you.

    I dont know anything about Delphi, but from SQL Books on Line :


    When restricted to the current database, SQLTables executes the Transact-SQL procedure sp_tables to report table catalog data for Microsoft® SQL Server™.

    The following table shows SQLTables parameter mapping for sp_tables stored procedure execution.

    SQLTables parameter name sp_tables parameter name
    CatalogName table_qualifier
    SchemaName table_owner
    TableName table_name
    TableType table_type

    SQLTables can be executed on a static server cursor. An attempt to execute SQLTables on an updatable (dynamic or keyset) cursor will return SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO indicating that the cursor type has been changed.

    SQLTables reports tables from all databases when the CatalogName parameter is SQL_ALL_CATALOGS and all other parameters contain default values (NULL pointers). SQLTables does not make use of sp_tables in this special case.

    To report available catalogs, schemas, and table types, SQLTables makes special use of empty strings (zero-length byte pointers). Empty strings are not default values (NULL pointers).

    The SQL Server ODBC driver supports reporting information for tables on linked servers by accepting a two-part name for the CatalogName parameter: Linked_Server_Name.Catalog_Name.

    SQLTables returns information about any tables whose names match TableName and are owned by the current user.

    // Get a list of all tables in the current database.
    SQLTables(hstmt, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL,0);
    // Get a list of all tables in all databases.
    SQLTables(hstmt, (SQLCHAR*) "%", SQL_NTS, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL,0);
    // Get a list of databases on the current connection's server.
    SQLTables(hstmt, (SQLCHAR*) "%", SQL_NTS, (SQLCHAR*)"", 0, (SQLCHAR*)"",
    0, NULL, 0);



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