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    Question Unanswered: Cannot delete user "Admin"

    I'm using Access 2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1) under Windows 2000

    MS Access Help tells you that in order to secure a database, you need to get rid of the default user "Admin", as otherwise anyone with a copy of Access can open the database.

    I followed the steps in the help file and
    - created a workgroup file
    - created a new user "newadmin" and added it to the "Admins" group
    - imported the database into a new one so the owner is now "newadmin"

    I then opened the database and made sure that
    - I'm using the right workgroup file and
    - the current user is "newadmin"

    When I try to delete "Admin" from User and Group Accounts, following message comes up:

    "Cannot perform this operation"

    Also, although "Admin" hasn't got any permissions whatsoever, the database can be opened and changed if a different workgroup file is being used.

    Any help would be appreciated very much.

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    You can't delete the Admin account you just have to revoke all of it's
    permissions. It defaults to being a member of the Users group and you
    can't change that either.

    You need to take Admin out of the Admins group and revoke all of the
    permissions of the Users group. Then make you a new group to put
    your database users in and give them the permissions you want.
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