I've installed MSDE and wan't to use SSL with it.
Therefore I've got windowsbinarys of openssl. I've the following steps:

1. CA.pl -newca
1.1 Copyed cacert.pem to cacert.der -> richtclick and installed the certificate
2. CA.pl -newreq
3. CA.pl -sign
3.1 copied newcert.pem to newcert.der, deleted everything outside the CERTIFICATION tags and installed it using "mmc". My signed certificate was shown me by windows as valid.
But when i started the server it breaks and in the errorlog is the typical error (see Microsft explanation) "found no valid certificate". What's going wrong?
For the first certificate used to sign the second i've used the common name "abcdef", for the second one the name of the PC in my Network: "Test", and i can reach all installed servers just with "Test". Furthermore is the domain name "Test" is running in "Work".
Please help me out of there.