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    Unanswered: HELP - Slow Connection establishment on Windows XP

    Hi All,

    Just bought a new laptop, everything fine EXCEPT when a java program I have written tries to get a connection to an SQL server database. It gets the connection no problem but its about three times slower than on my desktop machine to the same server.

    The laptop is running windows XP Home, and I am connecting to an SQL server database.

    I have absolutely no IDEA why it takes three times longer on a machine which is 10 times faster than my desktop. My desktop is running windows NT.

    Any hints would be most appreciated.


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    Those 56k modems can be a dog...


    How are you connecting to sql server..can you show us the connection string?

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    its ok, the problem was that I had to put the sql server machine in the hosts file in windows\system32\drivers\etc

    i.e. servername.

    thanks anyway.

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