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    Wink Unanswered: Is money useless?

    Just thought I'd add a catchy title. The money data type does look interesting to me, however it does seem to have it's problems. For one it does'nt seem to support very large numbers, in fact in some ways it's not treated as a number at all. While I can still use it in calculations and aggregates like sum() at al, it doesn't seem to round and there is no round(money) function available. Don't even talk about ODBC recognizing it or treating it properly.

    My main concern for the time is rounding. Am I missing something is there a cast() I can apply to it? Or, perhaps I should avoid it altogether. What's your take on this situation.

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    I think you should avoid it
    use numeric instead
    There was some discussion on the hackers list some times ago
    that the money datataype will be deprecated.

    on the TODO list:
    Remove Money type, add money formatting for decimal type
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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