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    Unanswered: Access not changing to new DSN on next choice.

    I am linking to Visual FoxPro tables from an Access 2000 .mdb using a ODBC connection. 1st problem is I need to change DSN settings based on user input (choice of location of data). I have solved that - creating new DSN name and settings in registry through VBA. This works fine for the first run through. However, when the user chooses a second location, Access creates the new DSN, but the stops cold when I try to open a table, or run any queries with the new tables. I do delete the linked tables and delete the first DSN from the registry before creating the new DSN. So far, the only solution I have found is to run the first connection, close the mdb, reopen mdb, choose second connection, close mdb, etc. Any ideas/suggestions/solutions on how to actually clear the first connection so that Access will allow the second connection?
    Thanks in advance - I've been going nuts on this!

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    If you're using Access 2000, why did you choose DSN over the adodb connection object? You just need to change your connection strings and won't have to get involved with DSNs
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