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    Unanswered: archive logs for syncing?

    Hello All,

    Pardon the rather naive nature of my question, but is this setup possible:

    1. Install oracle(8.1.7) db on pc1(main) in archivelog mode;
    2. Install oracle db on pc2(backup) in archivelog mode;
    3. Transfer archive logs from pc1;
    4. synchronize the two dbs by applying archive logs onto pc2

    My understanding of it is that for this to work, one should:
    1. do a db copy from pc1 to pc2, or full db export/import
    2. shut off db on pc2

    Then, to sync pc2 with pc1, start up db on pc2, do recovery, then shut it off again.

    Basically, pc2 will have to remain shut off, or else recovery isn't possible, because of conflicting SCNs?


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    If you have a stand by db of pc1 configured on pc2, then you can send the archived log files from pc1 to pc2. but you have to apply them manually as it is a 8.1.7 version.

    But if your database is not a stand by db of pc1 then , You can not apply the arhcivelogs of db on pc1 to db on pc2.

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