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Thread: crontab db2

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    Unanswered: crontab db2

    hi to all

    I have seen this error in the db2 forum but not a finalized resolution

    SQL10007N Message "-1390" could not be retrieved.

    here is my problem:

    I am using Udb 7.2 on Red Hat Linux v6.2.

    I created a crontab entry for my script under the db2 user.

    crontab entry:

    37 16 * * 1-5 /kal/db2inst1/db2_backup

    where dia_backup is my script.

    Contents of the dia_backup script:

    /home/db2inst3/sqllib/bin/db2 force applications all
    /home/db2inst3/sqllib/bin/db2 backup db dia to '/data/arraya/bck'

    Whenever the job is executed from the crontab it fails with the above error.

    If I run the script from the os command line it works.

    Any suggestions?

    I verified that my DB2INSTANCE paramter is set and I have also
    checked the file permissions for where the backup file is
    suppose to end up.

    pl tell me...

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    did you verify the DB2INSTANCE is set WITHIN the scope of the crontab-script ? (or did you only check on the commandline ?)

    i suggest to extend your script to check it out
    echo "DB2INSTANCE is: $DB2INSTANCE" > /tmp/db2_backup.log
    home/db2inst3/sqllib/bin/db2 force applications all
    /home/db2inst3/sqllib/bin/db2 backup db dia to '/data/arraya/bck'

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    You need to set your environment variables, I would put the command in a script, that loads your profile then just execute the script.

    load env variables
    run commands

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