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    Unanswered: not able to login into the server

    Hi Freinds,
    I need your help urgently..
    Iam not able to log in a server through isql prompt.
    I thought might be password changing date is expired that's why sa
    login is locked. I generated the new sa password. But that also not
    Kindly tell me whether changing following two conditions going to
    affect anyway.
    1. log audit logon failure
    2. log audit logon success

    These are the only two changes we made , we changed the value from 0
    to 1
    I have tried with other login also but it's not going through.
    It seems all those logins having sa_role has been restricted to enter
    into the isql prompt

    Iam using ASE on sun solaris 2.8

    Following are the security related parameter in our cfg file

    systemwide password expiration = 30
    audit queue size = DEFAULT
    curread change w/ open cursors = DEFAULT
    allow procedure grouping = DEFAULT
    select on syscomments.text = DEFAULT
    auditing = DEFAULT
    current audit table = DEFAULT
    suspend audit when device full = DEFAULT
    max roles enabled per user = DEFAULT
    check password for digit = DEFAULT
    minimum password length = 8
    maximum failed logins = DEFAULT
    unified login required = DEFAULT
    use security services = DEFAULT
    msg confidentiality reqd = DEFAULT
    msg integrity reqd = DEFAULT
    dtm detach timeout period = DEFAULT
    secure default login = DEFAULT

    Kindly advise urgently

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    If you have enabled ausiting, it is possible that the audit segment is full. Login using an un-audited sso login and take corrective actions.

    --> Either disable auduting, or
    --> alter sybsecurity, dump tran etc...



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