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    Unanswered: Sybase System 11 Data Loss

    I am running Sybase System 11 on a Linux machine. The database is accessed by a Java Servlet on my website. I was entering records into the db using a JSP. After a certain amount of records, when I entered another one all my earlier record entries disappeared i.e. the records did not get completely deleted but individual fields became blank. Then again, I could not add more records because there was an error saying that the db object size was full. After increasing the db size, I could add new records.

    Is this happening because of some configuration problem with the devices? Is there a way to recover the lost data? Also, can it be that my db is stored on the master device and that is causing the problem?


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    do a point in time recovery from your backup and your tranlogs

    it is always a good idea not to store operational data in the master db which is for sybase own purposes. create for you operation data their own db with their own datadevices and tranlogs ...

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    Do you receive any error msg executing a dbcc checktable & dbcc tablealloc in the given table ?

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