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    Unhappy Unanswered: importing oracle dump data to postgresql

    I have an oracle dmp file, and i know the entire table structuresm,
    im on a linux system(rh9), is ther any way tht i can import this data to postgresql, any shell script file.., or any other method

    i dont have oracle installed on my system
    only potgresql,mysql is installed

    tons of thanks for the help in advance
    _vijay |

    one more help
    -> How do i connect to remote oracle(its on a wan) through php, isit possible?
    i can get the listener info

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    Datasets written through oracle exp utilitiy can only be read though oracle's imp utility of the same or a higher version.

    the listener info is not sufficient to connect to oracle . you need the oracle client sw installed or at least the odbc drivers and a couple of required support files ...

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