Hi all,

I have a pretty big form for data entry. On it is a subform for displaying data, which is always populated. This subform is attached to a temp make-table query.
Main form also contains a listbox for displaying data, but depending on what the user has chosen previously, this isn't necessarily enabled/populated. This listbox is attached to another make table query.

Problem I'm having is with my append query for collating all the data at the end.
The subform details come from it's temporary table, and the append query catches this data fine. Main form details go into another temp table that the append query catches fine also.
On the occasions the listbox isn't actually used, because the temp table for it is blank, the append query records no data at all. Not even for the subform or main form.

Because of this I abandoned the idea of using a temp table for the listbox, and tried capturing it's data in the append query itself, using a nested query, but I've a feeling this isn't possible.
If anyone can decipher the sql code below, could you tell me how I can nest the select query for the listbox data (at the bottom) inside the append query for the form?
Hope you can follow this.


People_Details_Trans - temp table for subform
Transactions_details - temp table for main form
transactions - table I need to collate all the data into
[Event Type], [Venue Location], [Initiated_By], [Action_Date] - details I need to insert into table transactions.

INSERT INTO transactions ( [Branch Code], [Branch Name], [Global Name], Surname, [Given Name], [Middle Initial], FullNameString, Differentiator, Transaction_Type_Code, Transaction_Type_Name, Requirement_Code, Requirement_Name, Meth, [Date], Setup_ID, [Active?], Amended, Amend_ID, Action_No, [Accepted Date], [Regrets Date], [Previous Branch Code], [Query Content], [Query Via], [Query Respondent], Required_Venue_City, [Event Type], [Venue Location], Initiated_By, Action_Date )
SELECT People_Details_Trans.[Branch Code], People_Details_Trans.[Branch Name], People_Details_Trans.[Global Name], People_Details_Trans.Surname, People_Details_Trans.[Given Name], People_Details_Trans.[Middle Initial], People_Details_Trans.FullNameString, People_Details_Trans.Differentiator, Transactions_details.Transaction_Type_Code, Transactions_details.Transaction_Type_Name, Transactions_details.Requirement_Code, Transactions_details.Requirement_Name, Transactions_details.Meth, Transactions_details.Date, Transactions_details.Setup_ID, Transactions_details.[Active?], Transactions_details.Amended, Transactions_details.Amend_ID, Transactions_details.Action_No, Transactions_details.[Accepted Date], Transactions_details.[Regrets Date], Transactions_details.[Previous Branch Code], Transactions_details.[Query Content], Transactions_details.[Query Via], Transactions_details.[Query Respondent], Transactions_details.Required_Venue_City, ActionsDetails.Type, ActionsDetails.Action_Venue, ActionsDetails.Initiated_By, ActionsDetails.Action_Date
FROM People_Details_Trans, Transactions_details;

This is what I need to nest inside the query.......

SELECT Actions.Type, Actions.Action_Venue, Actions.Initiated_By, Actions.Action_Date
FROM Actions
WHERE (((Actions.Action_No)=[Forms]![Transactions]![Text75]));