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    Unanswered: views in MS-query

    I am using MS-Query to query the DB2 dBs.I have one table on DB2 on one server and another table on DB2 on second server.
    I need to query the data from both the tables sitting on diff servers.
    I was just wondering if we could create a view in MS-Query to get both the tables and then query this which makes things easier?Is my approach right.If so how to create views in MS-Query?I could'nt find anything there.

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    Re: views in MS-query

    Hi mark_tim1999,

    One question, you use the MS-Query, for example Excel for query the dbs?.
    Yes it is posible, but, you can create a view in DB2 with all data.

    First catalog server B in the server A
    Second, catalog the DB.
    Immediately, create a federate server, and the nickname.

    read the "administratior guide" for more information.

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