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    Unanswered: How to force use of Access Runtime?

    Under Office 2000 Developer, there appears to be no way to tell the Package Wizard to force an installed application to use Access Runtime instead of an already existing full version of Access. The problem becomes acute when installing an Access 2000 application on a system that has Access 97. During set-up, Access 97 is detected, Set-up fails to install the Access Runtime, and targets the full version of Access 97. When the application runs you get a message saying the database is unrecognizable because it executes the application using Access 97 instead of the Access 2000 Runtime.

    It seems crazy, from both a compatibility and security perspective, that Set-up would not default to installing and executing using the Runtime if it is imbedded with the application. How else can you ensure the application will work as designed if the default behaviour is to use whatever version of Access happens to be installed on a computer?

    Does anyone have a solution or a work-around? I called Microsoft at a cost of $245 and they had no ready answer.

    Specifically, I need the following functionality:

    1. A set-up program that always installs the imbedded Access Runtime if it is included in the set-up files.

    2. A set-up program that always sets the "Target" and "Start In" properties of the application short-cut to point to the Runtime version of MSACCESS.EXE.

    3. Oh yeah, it would also be nice if the set-up routine automatically created a desktop icon for the application (Office Developer 2000 doesn't even have this rudimentary capability).


    Chris K.

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