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    Unanswered: connecting to a second database (help needed)

    Hi all.. and thanks for the help..

    Heres my problem..

    I'm new to Access (although i do have a programming background)..


    I have been asked to create some new forms for an existing database.
    The trouble is that the database is in 2 parts..

    All the forms in the frontend and data in the back, a typical network database system...

    I have had to convert the databases as they were made in 1998 on a windows 95 system, and i am using office 2k....

    I now have the database on my system at home, this is where it starts to fall down...

    The frontend is looking for the data on the server, the path is set to "\\server\orders\etc"

    How do i change this path so i can access the data on my system??

    i have both databases in 1 folder...

    Is it in the menus somewhere and i cant see the wood for the trees??
    Is this path buried in the modules and forms code somewhere

    Thanks for the help

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    You cannot change the path of external linked tables as far as I know. Just delete the table references and relink them with the correct paths. This of course is inconvenient for development as you always have to relink the tables when moving the frontend from development to production. I used to map a network drive to the server path in these cases and used subst to point that drive to a local dir on the development machine.

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    If you look under the Tools menu and then under Database utilities sub-menu you will find linked table manager that is where you can change linked table paths


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