Hello all -

I've 'inherited' the sysadmin position for our company's online parts store. This is driven by the following:
2 Dell 2650's as Nodes 1 & 2; Dell 350 as Domain Controller for cluster; Powervault 220s Storage as Cluster and SQL Server resources (disk).
All 3 Dells run Windows 2000 which I am very careful to keep fully sync'd w/r/t to downloaded updates. SQL Server 2000 is the particular release I am running.

I've been administering this configuration for about 9 months now. It is an active / passive cluster and never gives me troubles, but I occassionally try the failover just to ensure everything is working.

This thing has never worked properly in my opion, as the failover frequently (90%+) results in our online parts store being unavailable. In every instance I can remember, the SQL Server comes up fine and I can run any kind of query against the database that I'd like to.

However, I find IIS (at least in a cluster) to be very, very unreliable.
In the past this has been due to account set up mis-configuration. After some stiff money to pay the company that originally setup the system to come in and re-install it, we (I thought) had the kinks worked out of the configuration and failover has been working fine.

As I've said, it hardly ever goes down, but when it does it is a real nightmare because IIS never works, which means the parts store is offline and management is asking me why we bought the cluster when it doesn't work (a fair question, but irritating for me to try and defend as I was not here when the decision to purchase a cluster was made. I can't defend the decision because I wouldn't bank my business on IIS ! But I digress...)

This weekend, I added 144GB (5 36GB Drives) of RAID 5 to the Storage Vault for backups. After getting the disks in, formatted and configured and brought online in the cluster, and added as disk resource to the SQL Server, I checked the failover once more.

Again as before, SQL Server works like a champ, but the parts store is offline when node 2 is goes active. This time IIS says it cannot find the server or has a DNS error! ! ! I know the netadmin has not changed the DNS configuration here, so again, for mysterious reasons, IIS has failed to do its job properly.

Does anyone else have these kinds of problems with IIS failovers in an SQL Cluster? If so, and you have some suggestions for troubleshooting, I'd be much obliged. MSFT has done a superb job on SQL Server, but IIS has left me very disillusioned and irritated. It would be nice if MSFT would put some effort into making the documentation more useful in troubleshooting and resolving problems. I'm personally hoping that Apache does a good job of supporting .NET (a strategic platform here), because if they do, I may put up an Apache server to run the parts store and forget about IIS !!!

<heavy sigh>

TiA for any help someone can lend. . .