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    Unanswered: Is it possible to tell when an Evaluation version will expire

    I have an evaluation version of SQL Server we've been using to develop an application. I know its about to run out as an installation I did about the same time has just expired (we had problems getting it running on one of the boxes initially and ended up using the flaky install as a discrete dev environment)

    I have been nagging the IS bods for a full license for over 3 months now and wanted to try and track down a date at which our server will expire in order to focus their attention as the system is due to roll out of its debugging phase early in Jan. I suspect the eval will expire before then.

    I just wonderd if the expory date was visible somewhere? Otherwise I'm just going to have to estimate it as about 3 weeks.

    I'm going to be stuffed if it turns out to be Thursday.

    Ho hum

    I haven't lost my mind, there's a backup on one of these floppies, somewhere.

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    I heard somewhere (probably on this forum) that MS has dropped the developers edition of SQL server down to around $50 bucks. Surely you could get your IS department to cough that up so you could continue development.


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    Look at the created date for your mssql folder and add X days for your evaluation.

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