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    Unanswered: Multiselect ListBox on Excel sheet


    I've developed a web app (ASP.NET). It contains an
    application form that registered users fill in. now
    client asked to make the same thing in excel for offline
    users. that is after creating application form in admin
    interface admin presses synchronize button and excel file
    is generated containing questions and it must use
    controls like ListBox, DropDown.
    i have done the first part of the task (generating excel file).
    For text fields i used ordinary cells of excel.
    now i'm having problems reading selected items from multiselect
    ListBox. with DropDown i use the code like this:

    int index=_sheet.Shapes.Item("q_"+id).ControlFormat.Li stIndex;

    could you please, help me with multiselect listboxes. this code gives me an exception when used with listbox.

    Thank you,

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    i found it

    Excel.ListBox lst=((Excel.ListBox)_sheet.ListBoxes("q_"+id));
    bool issel=lst.get_Selected(INDEX_HERE);

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