Hi all,
i store the xml data in the clob column und want to import these data in the xmltype column in another table. But i get always the error message:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [733], [67107908], [pga heap], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-06512: in "SYS.XMLTYPE", line 0
ORA-06512: in line 1

My programm source code:

CREATE TABLE clobtable(id int PRIMARY KEY not null, xml_dok CLOB)

CREATE TABLE xmltable(id int CONSTRAINT xml_index PRIMARY KEY not null, xml_dok SYS.XMLTYPE)

PreparedStatement pstmt_clob = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO clobtable VALUES(?, ?)");
File fil = new File(path + "xml_ordner" + i);
String fil_list[] = fil.list();
int fanzahl = fil_list.length;
for (int f = 0; f < fanzahl; f++) {
f_ordner[f+1] = new File(path + "xml_ordner" + i + "//" + fil_list[f]);
file_summe = file_summe + f_ordner[f+1].length();
pstmt_clob.setInt(1, f+1);
pstmt_clob.setCharacterStream(2, new java.io.FileReader(f_ordner[f+1]), (int)f_ordner[+1].length());

PreparedStatement pstmt_xml = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO xmltable VALUES(?, null)");
OracleResultSet rs = (OracleResultSet)stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM clobtable");
while (rs.next()){
int nr = rs.getInt(1);
pstmt_xml.setInt(1, nr); //id

PreparedStatement pstmt = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE xmltable SET xml_dok = SYS.XMLType.createXML(?) WHERE id = ?"); // I have tried to use SYS.XMLType(?). But i get the same error.
pstmt.setClob(1, rs.getCLOB(2));
pstmt.setInt(2, nr);

I don't know, what's wrong with it? Please help!
Must I use the Connection parameter for cretaeXML und XMLType? Some Examples use it, but any not. Which is correct?

Thank you very much and greeting from germany!