If anyone has any filemaker experience, I'd really appreciate a hand if you have a few minutes... no one seems to browse that forum, so I"m hoping one of you guys have some experience!

I work for a summer camp and there are many parts to a camp - ie candlemaking, fine arts, drama, horseback riding, etc. Each of these departments gives me a list of what to order from the database of products. So I have a product file in filemaker and on each product sheet, I put in how much each wants. It's very possible that someone in candelmaking and fine arts will want the same product, or will want porudcts from the same company as we order from 12 different companies. So all their order informaiton is in. I now do a find for all Company A products with an order quantity greater than zero. This represents all of my Company A order.

Now I would like to save that as a purchase order - so I've set up another file - my Purchase Order File. What I would like to do is somehow import all the orders for COmpany A to that file - like all on one purchase order, but instead of all the products going into the portal on the PO, it's creating a new purchase order for each product - PROBLEM 1. I need to figure out how to make many records go to one.

PROBLEM 2 - I need to reset the "order" quantity in the Product file to Zero - which isn't a problem when I do the export, I can do a replace, but if I were to do some sort of lookup or relationship with the PO file, then that owuldn't work.

So I'm asking for help with problem # 1 I guess, and then I can go from there - or maybe you think I'm doing this entirely wrong, in which case I'd also enjoy a repsonse
Thanks so much everyone!


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