PLEASE HELP ME!! if this is not the right forum or should I search in another place please tell me WHERE???
I'm having problems trying to print a line. Yes, is a basic and very simple problem. THe line is set to parent.height in the detail band of report builder 7, in Delphi. But my user says that the line does not get to the end of the page. (I mean, exactly where the footer-band begins) and he needs to get the report in that way (I mean, the line should printer until the footer, either have records or not). But if I put in the event .onprint of the line this: Line.height = 8.5 - header.height - footer.height.
Mathemathically is the right operation (in inches, 8.5 is the wide of the paper, is landscape mode), and a message or a debug says to me that the line have the right mesure, but the printer and the preview give me a line too long or too short.
what do I have to do!? please help me!