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    Unanswered: Force Application All

    When running a FORCE APPLICATION, I receive the following message in return:

    DB20000I The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.
    DB21024I This command is asynchronous and may not be effective immediately.

    I was wondering if it waits until all current transaction complete or if it rolls them back.

    Some of our offline backups have been receiving the follow error:
    SQL1035N The database is currently in use. SQLSTATE=57019

    I was thinking of runnig a loop until the "LIST APPLICATIONS" comes up Null......

    Any suggestions would be appriciated...

    Thanks in advance....

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    I think it should rollback as you are terminating the apps. If this is the
    only database residing under that instance, do
    db2 force applications all; db2stop force;db2start.
    Then start the offline backup.

    May not be the best way of doing it.

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    Prefered Sequence

    The prefered sequence is

    db2 force applications all
    db2 terminate
    db2 backup database <database-name>

    I advise you not to use a stop force as I've faced an error when the db restarts saying that an agent could not be allocated due to a previous stop force command.

    Hope this helps


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    Moderator of this forum sathyaram_s has his own www page, where force application script is available. Please see db2 click page for more info.

    Hope this helps,

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