I have 2 instances on my DB Server. One is default and second is called QA. I can connect to my default without setting anything in the "Client Network Utility", but I need to set up "Named Pipes" as the protocol for the QA instance.

Here is what I tried:
1. Default is listening on 1433 and QA on 1455. Can connect to default but not to QA.
2. Changed the port of the default instance to 1455. Tried to connect, it connects via Query Analyzer. (There is no entry when I look at "Client Network Utility"
3. I change the QA instance to listen on 1433. Tried to connect, cannot connect. (Still no entry in "Client Network Utility"
4. I put an entry in "Client Network Utility" to use named pipes for QA and I can connect to it.

What am I missing? I wish to know what am I doing wrong that I cannot connect to this QA instance via TCP/IP (or with no extra configuration).

Thanks for your time