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    Unanswered: Different locking behavior..

    This might not be an sqlserver issue but i dont know where to post it..

    We got two sqlsevers dedicated for system testing, the only difference between the two is that server 1 is equipped with a Pentium III proc. Server 2 has an Xeon proc. Service packs, database versions are exactly the same.

    All traffic goes through MTS = Serializeble.

    From one quite long save operation the servers behave completely different. On te Xeon server the transaction takes less than one sec while on the pentium III server it takes up to 20 sec.

    Ive used performance monitor to see whats happening and the "SQLServer:Memory:allocated locks" value is showing a completely differnet value.

    On Xeon it goes up to 1050 locks, on pentium III it explodes up to 1 234 881 locks!!

    My guess is that it can take up to 20secs to allocate all those locks!?

    We have swithed MTS server and sqlservers but the behaivor remains for sqlserver 1..

    Nothing strange in the eventlogs..

    Should the execution plans differ between xeon and pentium III procs?

    Im totally lost here..hope you can understand the problem
    - Jonte

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    Have a look at the query plans and see if they are different. Could be due to out of date or different statistics.

    This is a lot easier to diagnose and optimise if all your access is via stored procs.

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