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    Wink Unanswered: need help on Aix5.2

    hello girl and boy....
    i need you about the Serveur Aix5.2
    I have 500users recorded on the Serveur Aix5.2 and i would like a script who check the login and password... becauses i would like konwn who use the password and login different...
    I known where i can found the password encrypted...---> /etc/security password

    ps:i would like know if the service coding on the Serveur AIX5.2 is different that the Serveur AIX4.3.3

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    Re: need help on Aix5.2


    try to use "last" command wich show you user, terminal, machine and date.

    Hope this help you

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    Sounds to me like you want to make sure users have a different password fro mtheir username. If this is correct just set the password options in SMIT and they should be unable to do this

    Otherwise there is a script/program on which does several security checks, and I believe this would be one of them.

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