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    Unanswered: Calculating Total in report. After VAT calculation.

    Hello how are you experts??

    I would like to ask you to share your expertise with me a noobie!!!

    Basically the problem that I have is I am generating an Invoice Report from a Parameter query and all is working well.
    I have managed to calculate the subtotal and the VAT however am having trouble with the GRAND TOTAL (or as I will have it labelled) TOTAL TO BE PAID.

    The formulas I have used are as follows:

    subtotal =sum ([TOTAL COST])
    VAT =sum([TOTAL COST]*0.175)

    I got results from the subtotal and the VAT but never got any thing not even 0.00 for the TOTAL TO BE PAID.

    I then tried another formula to calculate the GRAND TOTAL (total to be paid) the formula was this (([TOTAL COST]*0.175)+[TOTAL COST])

    This never worked either?????? Can't understand why??? I thought that this would've been the easiest part of the calculation as I had real trouble with the VAT calculation.

    So if you could let me know what I may be doing wrong I would really appreciate it. I was thinking maybe it had something to do with I done the calculation for the EXTRA COSTS with the report wizard?? Should I have done all the calculations myself??

    Or is it cos I am using the LABEL -TOTAL TO BE PAID...????

    please get back to me asap as I am nearly done and I have been on this whole invoice thing forever.
    THANX for getting back to me on the other query so quick really good of you.

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    Where in the report design are you trying to calculate the total? In your design, if you have a detail that includes a control for the Cost and another control for the VAT and another for the Total Cost all that you need is a control in a footer (group, page , or report) that has:

    =Sum([MyValueNameHere]) as the ControlSource ...

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    Try ([subtotal] + [VAT])

    I think you're returning nothing because you're evaluating [TOTAL COST], which is a detail field in your dataset. It sounds like these controls are in the footer section for the dataset. If your detail has already run through the end of it's course, attempting to return a non-aggregate value based on your detail is going to be nil. Using subtotal, then you're essentially using that textbox as a local variable.

    ... then again I could be half-cracked as it's early morning here
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