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    We are using a SQL Backend as a backend to a Medical SW Program. The problem I am having is finding the relations as it pertains to the tables. The dba says he uses the login ID as the primary key. This is an alpha Id that changes if they get married or quit (sometimes they come back and they are in there twice under different ids). He also does not have it in some of the other key tables that I need to obtain information from and he will not let me add the field to the tables or make any changes. Since we are a separate dept we would like to set up our own database. My question is this. Can we share the same server mirror the current database to a separate hardrive and just set up our people with Emp ID numbers for the primary key and add this to some of the other tables so that I can get the information I need for my reports. What are the pros and cons of doing it this way? Please Please help! We are using SQL 7.0, Crystal Reports 8.0 and MS ACCESS 2000 to do the reporting.

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