We have an application that uses an Access MDB file that contains links to tables in a SQL server database. A script within the MDB file processes information and updates the linked tables.

Performing simple INSERT/DELETE statements within the script against the linked tables frequently generates 3155/3156 errors. These command as run using the database object (I am assuming this is a SQL pass-thru). In addition, an UPDATE statement that updates field(s) in a linked table based upon values in an Access-only table, also generates errors.

All of the errors seem to be tied to timeout issues. On the SQL server end, we have set the connection timeout to 0 (unlimited). In the Access script, the database object QueryTimeout value defaults to 60, but is programmatically upped to 1000.

My question is this: can the database object QueryTimeout value be set to zero as well (assuming a zero value means an unlimited timeout).