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    Question Unanswered: DTS runs OK still returns failure message

    Has anyone come across the following behavior....

    I am executing a DTS package from an ASP page using a LoadFromPackage call. The package runs a Win 32 process, performs a SQL operation and a data pump. My data is imported without a problem and everything looks great. I see success messages for all steps in my log file. However, I get a failure method from each step returned in from my Execution Result call.

    Has anyone experienced phantom error messages like this before? I suspect it's permissions related but who knows.


    FYI: Here is the ASP code

    Dim objPkg, strError, iCount

    'Create and Execute the package
    Set objPkg = Server.CreateObject("DTS.Package")
    objPkg.LoadFromStorageFile "c:/thefile.dts","","","",""

    'Check For Errors
    For iCount = 1 To objPkg.Steps.Count
    If objPkg.Steps(iCount).ExecutionResult = DTSStepExecResult_Failure Then
    strError = strError + objPkg.Steps(iCount).Name + " failed. " + chr(13)
    End If

    If strError = "" Then
    Response.Write "Success"
    Response.Write strError
    End If

    Set objPkg = Nothing

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    What version of sql are you running including service pack ?

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    Post Version Info

    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.194 (Intel X86) - Developer Edition on Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4)

    Thanks for taking a look.

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