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    Unanswered: how to import full databases


    I'm having trouble finding a good source of information on exporting/importing a full database.

    I used the following command to export my database:
    exp system/manager FULL=Y FILE=backup.exp

    Since then, some undesirable changes were made and I'd like to go back and restore the database I exported. What exactly do I need to do this?

    Can I just run
    imp system/manager FULL=Y FILE=backup.exp
    Do I have to delete the database? If I delete the database, do I have to add the tablespace, etc or will the import do that? I'm basically looking for the filler steps between the export and import.


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    The short answer is, "It depends".

    The import utility REQUIRES an "operational" database to be up and running at the time the "imp" is launched. However this database can be an "empty" database (with essentially only SYS objects in it).

    For example, tablespaces will get (re)created if they do not exist at the time the import is started.

    You should take the time to go Read The Fine (UTILITIES) Manual
    located at

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    I'll try to read that when I get a chance.

    Basically, I'm just looking for a fast answer.

    I have a backup.exp of a working database. My current database has alot of errors in it. I don't care about the contents of my current one. I just want my original database back.

    Am I supposed to delete my current one and create an 'empty' database via dbassist? What steps do you have to run before importing your backup.exp?

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    Drop database and re-create and empty one and import the backup.dmp u have.

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