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    Unanswered: SQL Agent and Error in the Event viewer

    I'm having a sql agent job that has 2 steps.
    the first step backups the database and the second step truncates the database log file:
    backup log <db name> with no_log
    the job runs fine and do not return errors in its history
    but in the system event viewer there is an error
    database <db name> log was truncated
    the database recovery model is "full" and I want it to stay "Full"
    what should I do to prevent the error appear in the windows event viewer
    (I do not want to turn off the notification flags)

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    Re: SQL Agent and Error in the Event viewer

    Backup complete is reported as Information, not error. If you want to filter it out, go to the Properties of the Application Log and click the Filter tab. Uncheck the Information checkbox. The Event Viewer will not show it after that.

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    you are right about the backup step. but there is also error
    18278 :
    Database log truncated: Database: <my db name>.
    I've changed the severity of that error to 10 (from 16) and then to 0 but I still see it in the Event viewr as error

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