I want to use an MDE file against a mdb in a shared Workgroup Folder on a TCPIPO network.

One of the security issues - especially when not having a server in the network, only Windows XP workstations, is that one want to restrict the access to the MDB file where all the data/tables etc. are stored.

By using registry entries like NoDrives in Windows, the hiding is not efficient, as one can access the "hidden" (sharename$) drives trough the command prompt or through any other application that does not use Windows standard File/Open dialogue boxes.

A way to for example get to know the name of the connected but hidden share where the mdb resides, is to simply disconnect the network cable and restart the PC that should link to the shared folder. Then Windows will pop up a dialog box during start-up, stating that it failed to connect drive X: to \\pcname\fullhiddensharename$ ...

Am I forced to use a full-fledged blocking program like the one they use at internet cafes - for example CyberPuesto - to restrict user access sufficiently?