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    Cool Unanswered: Find all instances of ORACLE

    How can I find all instances of Oracle running in my organization. My job is to detect and disable all unauthorized and unlicensed instances of Oracle.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Do you have set up of Oracle management Server.
    If so, then logon to the Management server and see how many instances/database you have running/stopped.

    If not, then try to log on to each database server in your Organizarion and find one by one. On UNIX system, there should be an entry in to the /etc/oratab for each instsnce on that server.

    On windows platform, there should be ORacle Service creted for each sid (Instance). delete them using oradim utility.

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    If you are running a TC/IP network, you'll want to run a port scanner. This is also assuming that someone running an "unlicensed" or "unauthorized" version of Oracle is smart enough to not run the listener on the default ports.

    To do this, try a utility (generally found on most Linux boxes) called "nmap" -- with the "-p" option you can have nmap do an IP broadcast and search port 1521, 1528, etc.

    "nmap --help" will give you the full list of commands and options.

    If you really want to get tricky, you can also pipe the results of the scan into tnsping and see if you get a response from a listener; however, it might be easier to just output the results to a text file and go through manually as I wouldn't expect you'd have too many results.

    I hope this gets you off in the right direction but happy to give more help if necessary.

    Best of luck,


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