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    Unhappy Unanswered: schema

    when a user in oracle, say user Db100, issues
    "select * from tblAbc",
    how does the oracle engine figures out which "tblABC" to read from?


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    couple rules:
    #1 Oracle assumes the current user is the owner
    #2 If current user does not have a table with that name, then Oracle checks for public synonyms
    #3 If no ownership or synonym exists, then you need to specify the owner before the tablename.

    ie: I am User/schema "DUCK" and I want to look at the EMP table owned by user/schema "SCOTT"

    PHP Code:
    sid-DUCKselect from scott.EMP
    We are also assuming that as "DUCK" I have privileges which will allow me to select tables owned by "SCOTT"
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