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    Cool Unanswered: standalone executable for MySQL with Delphi

    Hi folks,

    I've written a progam in Delphi 5 that uses the BDE for a database which is very slow, indeed...

    Recently I got to know MySQL which is really great and I discovered that there is a package (TMySQL) to implement MySQL functionality in Delphi programs.

    Now I'm thinking of rewriting my program and use TMySQL instead of the BDE to gain some performance.

    Has anyone experience with this package? Is it stable? Does it work easyly?

    And now the real question:

    Because of the fact that my program uses a database which is on my local machine (not on a server), I ask myself if it is possible to compile an executable out of my program which uses the local database without the necessity of running a MySQL server all the time.

    For me, it's not a problem but I want to give my program to some people and it's too complicated for them to run a MySQL server....

    Any ideas?? It would be great!!!

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    You should use a remote MySQL 4.x server, it's the best solution
    ( connecting from your application to IP:3066 and managing
    your database using MySQLFront )

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